Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition review (video)

Sturdy Design As Mentioned in Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition User Manual
Providing your kids with the best tablet is important nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that you can give your kids the same tablet like the one you use right now. There are lots of features that inappropriate for your children in your tablet. Besides, you also need think about your children activities. Strong and sturdy design becomes the most important feature that you must find in children table. Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition user manual provides you with information on great things installed in this device. From the manual, parents can get informed on things that they must pay attention to when choosing a device for their children.
Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids
Amazon Fire is designed especially for children. It’s built from scratch with special design that suits for children. Even the background color is carefully chosen to please children. The font size is based on kid-friendly design which is carefully picked to match with children’s need. It’s expected to help children in navigating visually through the device. Parents can still monitor what their children doing on this device by accessing it with a passcode. Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition user manual clearly stated that this device is specially made for children. It’s equipped with quad core processor that brings good performance.

It also has vivid HD display to keep children entertained when using it. For the sound, Amazon Fire is equipped with Dolby Audio. It also has front and rear-facing cameras. If your kids are included in those active kids who love run around and jump here and there, then Amazon Fire will be their best companion. As it has sturdy and strong design, this device won’t break easily. Even if it’s broken, you don’t need to worry. This device comes with full warranty. You can always return it if it’s broken and you will get it replaced for free.   

Using Amazon Fire will give your children access too Amazon FreeTime Unlimited wih its collection of books, movies, educational apps, and  also games. According to Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition user manual there are up to 5000 collections in Amazon FreeTime. There’s not hidden fee to access it which gives more benefit for parents. Parents also get access to monitor what their children doing with their Amazon Fire as it gets parental control feature. You can personalize Amazon Fire and give the best experience to your children. It also has good camera with photo editing apps that gives your children the easiness to take photo and edit it. Sturdy, strong, durable, yet lightweight make the best features that you can find in Amazon Fire.

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