Nokia lumia 830 Review (video).

Sharing Pictures and Stories Using Nokia Lumia 830
The biggest benefit of having smartphone is to stay connected with your family friends even when you are away from home. You can keep in contact with other people as you can easily make phone call, send text message, or even update your social media accounts. Most smartphone manufacturers have inserted advanced technologies to support their products. It’s a tight competition among smartphone manufacturers that gives the best benefits for user as they have various choices of smartphone for each purpose. Nokia Lumia 830 makes the best fit for those who enjoy sharing pictures over social media. Taking all information on Nokia Lumia 830 user manual will give you complete information on what you can do with this smartphone.
Nokia Lumia 830
One thing for sure is that Nokia prepared this Lumia 830 for sharing updates over social media. This smartphone is designed for people whose lives are on the move. If you mostly spend your time on the road and rarely have time to spend with friends and colleagues, then Lumia 830 will be the best suit for you. The camera planted on this smartphone is perfect for the purpose. It helps users to take the best pictures of their daily activities and then post and share it over social media. Take a short peek on Nokia Lumia 830 user manual and you will see that this smartphone has PureView camera to make it easier taking good quality pictures. Then, you can synchronize your digital life using the OneDrive app. This step helps you to share the best moments in your life over social network. So, Nokia Lumia 830 makes the best companion for those who love to stay connected on social network while on the move.

Whether you want to use Instagram, Skype, Vine or other social network sites, Nokia Lumia 830 makes it easier to share news and pictures with your friends. The 10 MP PureView camera gives the best experience in taking pictures as the camera is also equipped with OIS and Zeiss optics. For video recording, this smartphone gets 3 mic Rich Recording that will give user video at the best quality with great sound quality. Looking at Nokia Lumia 830 user manual, you can tell that this smartphone does have other qualities that you can expect. Supported with Snapdragon™ 400 and the latest Windows Phone 8.1 seems to be promising. Covered in beautiful metal frame, this Nokia Lumia 830 makes good fit for socializing over social network.

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