Nokia Lumia 735 review (video).

Nokia Lumia 735 Makes The Ultimate Selfie Smartphone
It seems like every smartphone gets good quality camera to support its functionality. At first, camera added on mobile phone was only considered as entertainment and additional feature. But then, there’s a huge twist on smartphone camera. A feature that was considered as mere addition gets bigger portion. Having camera installed on their smartphone has raised the enthusiasm in taking and sharing pictures. It makes smartphone users craving for taking more pictures using their smartphone. It’s the era of selfie nowadays where people love to take pictures of themselves and post it on their social media accounts. Noticing the huge change in the function of smartphone camera, Nokia creates a new smartphone model specifically meant for selfie with its upcoming Nokia Lumia 735. Then, you should have curiosity on Nokia Lumia 735 user manual and which parts of this new smartphone that can be entertaining.
Nokia Lumia 735
If you are into taking selfie, you certainly understand the importance of having good front camera. It requires high expertise in using the back camera on your smartphone for taking selfie as you aren’t able to see your pose. However, most smartphones only apply front camera with low megapixel that fail to give the best selfie. Nokia Lumia 735 is specially designed for selfie. It gets 5 megapixel front camera that spoils all selfie lovers. Looking at Nokia Lumia 735 user manual, this smartphone emphasizes on its wide angle, giving all selfie enthusiasts the comfort of fitting your shots better than ever. It certainly gives you much easiness in taking selfie, whether it’s alone or with your group of friends. The 5 MP front facing camera also makes a useful feature for Skype conversation over your phone.

Of course, the powerful front facing camera is not the only feature that you can enjoy from Nokia Lumia 735. As Windows Phone 8.1, this Nokia smartphone gets exclusive features from Windows. It gets Windows Phone and also Live Tiles that brings the latest information on things that you love. You can easily browse your notifications through the Action Center and turn your smartphone as your own by personalizing the home screen and customizing Live Tiles. Use Nokia Lumia 735 user manual to run all the features in this smartphone. It’s about time to go wireless as Nokia Lumia 735 has battery boost that’s cable-free on its charging shell. The design itself is a beauty with its 4.7” display. Inside, user can enjoy Snapdragon quad core processor. With up to 1 GB of RAM, it will give more freedom to install new games and watch videos.

Nokia Lumia 735 specs and features :
Nokia Lumia 735 specs :
  • Processor : Quad core 1200 MHz, Snapdragon 400.
  • Battery : 2220 mAh.
  • Screen size : 4.7 inch.
  • Camera : 6.7MP.
  • OS : WIndows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim.
  • RAM : 1GB.
  • Mass Memory : 8GB
  • Etc.
Nokia Lumia 735 features :
  • Share your life.
  • Latest and greatest.
  • Apps and games galore.
  • Ditch the wires. Let's go wireless.
  • Pretty to look at. Prettier to use.
  • An app for every need.
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To can use this phone better, you must download and read user manual in below.
Download Nokia Lumia 735 user manual :
  • download Nokia Lumia 735 user manual coming soon.
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