Nokia Lumia 535 User Manual Brings Great Features for Selfie Lovers
As selfie makes a new trend, you certainly expect to have the easiness on taking selfie from your cellphone. Nokia Lumia 535 will be the perfect companion for these selfie enthusiasts. This cellphone is equipped with several features that are specially designed for selfie lovers. Looking at Nokia Lumia 535 user manual gives better understanding on these features. Of course, there are more than these selfie features installed in this cellphone. It’s a powerful Windows phone that gives you big help in staying connected to your family and friends. It’s also equipped with some great apps that will become quite handy for your business and work.

At first look, you will fall in love with Nokia Lumia’s beautiful design. The design team at Nokia truly put big effort to present such elegant look in this cellphone. Nokia Lumia gets colorful design that will be fun in the eyes. The five inch screen display is made easier to read, even under bright sun light. It certainly gives big help for those who often spend their time outdoor. Inside, this smartphone is equipped with quad core processor to support its powerful performance.

microsoft Lumia 535
From Nokia Lumia 535 user manual you can tell the hardwork that Nokia team has put to this smartphone. Inside, it has 8 GB internal storage. More great things await if you make good use of its 15 GB free storage at OneDrive. If it’s not enough, you can enjoy up to 128 GB by adding microSD card. Through Windows Phone Store, you have access to thousands of cool apps, from the most popular ones to the best ones. Live Tiles apps gives the best view on your favorite apps and you can also personalised your Start screen view.

For selfie lovers, Nokia Lumia 535 gets 5 MP camera on both main and front camera. It surely gives the best result on selfie, not to mention also an easier way to do it. Through its large screen, user can easily take selfie at the best angle without any trouble at all. As dual SIM card cellphone, Nokia Lumia makes users easier to be reached. Indeed, the double SIM cards will make user always available wherever they go. Inside, Nokia Lumia 535 user manual also informs about Cortana, virtual assistant installed in this smartphone. User has total control over Cortana and this virtual assistant can be set with personal touch. This will surely give a totally new experience in using Nokia Lumia 535.

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