Lenovo Tab S8 Review (video).

Lenovo Tab S8 User Manual
Lenovo, this is not just a computer brand. It grows as a tablet and smartphone brand too. Even it becomes one of the biggest smartphone producers in the world now. As a large brand, Lenovo has many patents and products. Their tablet is getting more varied too. Soon, they will release a new tablet that called Lenovo Tab S8.
Lenovo Tab S8
Lenovo Tab S8 is a handy and stylist tablet. It featured by 8 inches screen with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution. This screen resolution will pamper your eyes and produce the quality display for sure. Based on the lenovo tab s8 user manual, the screen also equipped with One Glass Solution technology. This touch panel technology will eliminate the layer between display and the screen. It also affects to the product dimension and make it thinner. More than it, it brings the brighter viewing experience indoor and outdoor too.

One of the impressive thing about Lenovo Tab S8 is about the design. The think and the elegant design makes Lenovo Tab S8 as the slimmest tablet in the mid-level. The weight is just 300g. This is why it is easy to carry anywhere you want.

LTE connectivity, this is the good thing that you can find on the lenovo tab s8 user manual. This is something difficult to find on the tablet. It allows you to access the web or stream videos and music faster with broadband internet connection. The performance of Lenovo Tab S8 is also impressive. Unlike the most tablets, it has supported with Intel processor. A processor that has been used in many computers. So you can expect for the computer performance in here. Impressively, this is quad core and supported by 2 GB of RAM. With this specification, any application and games can be played without lag.

Lenovo Tab S8 runs on Android 4.4, the latest Android version right now. Maybe there is no information about the Android 5.0 upgrade yet, but with the high specification, it is easy for this tablet to run Android Lollipop. For this, the chance to get the latest Android is pretty high.

On the lenovo tab s8 user manual, the speaker has been identified as Dolby Audio. More than it, it uses twin front speaker with Dolby Audio. It seems like nothing to worry about the sound quality. The rich sound, the clearer sound and the immersive audio experience are the several things that you will get for sure. Interestingly, it has equipped with the large battery too. It allows this table to run for 7 hours.

Lenovo Tab S8 User Manual English (download)