Lenovo flex 2 review (video).

Lenovo Flex 2 Pro Makes Best Companion For Busy Individuals
Although it’s the era of tablet, Lenovo Flex 2 Pro seemed to become quite a runner in the competition. It has all qualities offered in a tablet and it still has more to offer. Checking out at Lenovo Flex 2 Pro user manual you will find lots of great features that this thin tablet offers. It has such great design with powerful functionality.
Lenovo Flex 2 pro
As life in modern era forcing you to have high mobility, it’s natural that you need a gadget that supports such lifestyle. Living in hectic schedule with high activities, you want something that’s easy to hold and can keep you moving around freely. However, that’s not the only thing that you need from your gadget. It must be equipped with complete features and powerful machine.

Tablets are popular, but it has one problem. Most tablets only have small screen, which gives inconveniences when you have to look on that small screen for long period of time. Lenovo Flex 2 Pro doesn’t give user such problem as it has 15.6” display. It certainly gives such comfort to work on this device. Even though it has wide screen, user doesn’t need to worry about carrying heavy gadget. If you check onLenovo Flex 2 Pro user manual you will notice that this laptop is designed to be slim and light. It certainly gives huge convenience for user to carry this wide laptop without any pain due to heavy weight.

Slim and light designs aren’t the only things that make Lenovo Flex 2 Pro special. This laptop still has other powerful features that will help user in work. The multitouch display is responsive and easy to use. User can also switch this laptop in two different modes: the laptop mode and stand mode. You just need to switch and turn the laptop. Lenovo Flex Pro 2 is also equipped with powerful battery that can go on for 8 hours. It certainly fits for a busy modern people with high mobility. User doesn’t need to worry that this laptop will run out of battery life in the middle of working out of the office. More information contained in Lenovo Flex 2 Pro user manual gives detailed information on the special features. The latest version of Windows 8.1 brings more functionality into this laptop. A stylish design completes the perfection in this laptop which makes it the best companion for modern businessmen.

Lenovo flex 2 Pro Pros :
  • Sharp, colorful display.
  • Enjoyable keyboard.
  • Decent speakers.
  • Long battery use.
Lenovo flex 2 Pro Cons :
  • Cheaper design.
  • Squishy inputs.
 Lenovo flex 2 Pro features :
  • 4th Generation Intel Core processor.
  • Windows 8.1
  • Dual-Mode Notebook.
  • 10-Point Multitouch DIsplay.
  • Incredibly Thin and Light.
  • Long Battery Life.Stylish Design.
  • Speedy Internet Connections.
  • Backit AccuType keyboard.
  • Stereo Speakers with Dolby Home Theater.
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