GoPro hero 4 Black Review (video).

Powerful GoPro Hero 4 Camera With Convenience In Controlling
Photography has become a common hobby nowadays as it’s getting much easier to get good quality camera to capture pictures. GoPro is a popular choice as it gives the best choices of easy to control camera. Amateur photographers certainly need a camera that gives them the best comfort in taking pictures. Without any complicated to control and set the camera, GoPro Hero 4 makes the top choice. Moreover, this device also allows users to adjusting setting with total convenience. If you just started with photography as your hobby, then you may need to spend more time to read GoPro Hero 4 user manual. It should be easy to understand and give you total convenience to control the device. As it uses touch display, you can find total comfort in swiping the screen to view and control the settings for each picture.
GoPro Hero 4
The best features planted on GoPro Hero 4 and the most notable would be its ability to capture pictures at staggering count of 30 frames for each second. It also has 1080p60 along with 720p120 video. The camera itself is using 12 MP photos. Those features make powerful combination in this GoPro camera. It can produce the best quality pictures that look similar to professional capture. The easiness to control this camera over the touch display becomes another positive feature of this device.

Although you may need to look on GoPro Hero 4 user manual to find the best fit for the setting, having the easiness to control everything through simple touch over the display monitor certainly makes a good feature that gives more comfort for users. In fact, this GoPro Hero 4 is the first GoPro series that gets built-in touch display. And from the touch display, user has the freedom to control camera, frame shots, and also playback the pictures as it only requires simple tap and swipe on the screen.

GoPro Hero 4 still gets other new things planted into this powerful little camera. HiLight Tag becomes the next feature that can bring more comfort for user. As mentioned in GoPro Hero 4 user manual, using HiLight Tag allows you to mark the best moments on your pictures, then helps you to playback, edit, and share those pictures. GoPro Hero 4 also gets QuikCapture for turning on the camera with only pressing one button. This feature also helps user to begin recording with only one push button. The waterproof features makes the best one in this camera as it can still work perfectly 40 meters underwater. With versatile design, user will get the best experience in using this GoPro camera.

Gopro Hero 4 features :
  • Control, view and share with built-in Wi-fi + Bluetooth.
  • HiLight Tag your best moments.
  • QuikCapture convenience.
  • Night Photo + Night Lapse.
  • Professional audio performance.
  • Proture, now for photo + video.
  • Etc.
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To can use Gopro Hero 4 you can read and download Gopro Hero 4 below :
Download GoPro Hero 4 User Manual :
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  • download GoPro Hero 4 Black User Manual English (download).
  • To more langguage, you can come in here.
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