Apple OS X Yosemite demo.

New Apple OS X Yosemite Brings New Experience In Working With Mac Computer
New OS from Apple specially designed for Mac computer has arrived. Being released in June 2014, Apple OS X Yosemite had raised some attention from Mac users. Of course, it’s not limited only on Mac user as this new OS offers something new for Mac computer. The first thing that you will notice from this new release is on the design. 

It’s clearly shown that Apple gives elegant design on this OS X Yosemite. It gives an entirely fresh look, but you can’t help to feel familiar with the fresh design. Apple OS X Yosemite user manual will show how easy it is to use this new OS on Mac computer. It will bring new experience in using apps that you usually use every single day. Of course, it’s not the only thing that you will find in this new OS. There are new features inserted on OS X Yosemite too. These new things will change your relationship with Mac and iOS entirely. It gives you new things that you can use on your Mac computer. With all those benefits that you can gain from OS X Yosemite, Mac user don’t need to spend a penny to upgrade their OS in Mac App Store.

Simple and elegant seem to be the main keyword to describe OS X Yosemite, just like in OS X Yosemite user manual. Although it has simple design, this iOS is still powerful and easy to use. Apple keeps the essential elements for Mac computer. The changes aren’t on the design only as Apply also goes deep to all aspect on the interface. It changes translucency in windows, as well as the streamlined toolbars that will do greater emphasis on the content. Meanwhile translucent sidebar is helpful to show a glimpse of all active windows. New optimization is applied on Retina display.

Apple also did a good work in streamlining the toolbars for favorite apps in Mac computer. So, you will find apps, such as Safari, Maps and Calendar are retaining its capabilities and making it more powerful than ever. It helps Mac user to see more web pages, calendar for events, maps, and other apps installed on Mac computer. The redesigns checkboxes, buttons, and also the pop-up menus are the next things mentioned in OS X Yosemite user manual. It gives off the feeling of cleaning and refined in using the new system. New experience in using, installing, and launching app will be waiting in OS X Yosemite.

download Apple OS X Yosemite user manual in,here.