Apple iPad Mini 3
Touch ID for iPad Mini 3
After successfully launched the newest tablet product, iPad Air 2 that claimed as the thinnest tablet at the world, Apple vendor was released the newest tablet with smaller size that is Apple iPad Mini 3. This steps is done by Apple to adjust the gadget market increasingly in demand by consumers with prroviding tablets with variety of different sizes and performance. Momentum of Apple launching product was coincide with Cupertino’s exhibition gadget event that held by Apple in US. Unlike the iPad Air 2 which carries slogan the world’s thinnest tablet, iPad mini 3 claimed as the first device that carries Touch ID sensor feature and it never existed before. In this preview we will discuss about Apple iPad Mini 3 user manual.

One of its most unique feature on the Apple iPad Mini 3 user manual, is the ability to scan the fingerprints. The user could use the finger to unloch the iPad and to purchase contents on the App Store, iBooks, and iTunes. So, if normally when you want to purchase applicaition at the App Store you have to enter the Apple ID password first. With the Touch ID you just need to use your fingerprint as a password. The way it works is simple. Just placed your finger on the Home button, with any orientation, without having rubbed as usual fingerprint reader. You allowed use any finger, because the Touch ID is not only sipport a single finger. You can also register the fingers of those closest to you, such as your husband / wife, brother, or whoever the people you trust up to 5 fingers.

Touch ID seems to be designed to make it easier to access the security features in the iPad. The scanning menchanism need not to be specifically studied and is able to store fingerprint scan multiple people at once. The accuracy of the sensor will increase with more frequent the fingerprint is done toscan. However, the Touch ID requires clean and dry fingers in order to function properly. iPad fingerprint scanner can detect signs of life to check whether the finger is correctly a real finger finger that still connected to the hand or not. Apple has made it celar that the scanned fingerprint is tored in the iPad processor, not uploaded to iCloud. When customers want to do things like buy apps in the App store, then the fingerprints data is converted by the iPad Mini 3 into digital signature to authorize. No need to memorize the ID number or keyword then effortlessly typed. In addition to facilitate the transactions because it is more practical, may be of service and other app stores will also be interested in developing support fingerprint scanning feature when it turned out to be popular in the App Store, iTunes, and iBooks.

Apple iPad 3 mini features :
  • So many innovations.
  • Security based on a one-of-a-kind design.
  • Desktop-class architecture.
  • FaceTime HD and iSight camera.
  • Advanced wireless.
  • Apps designed for iPad.
  • iOs 8.
  • Even the covers are more brilliant.
Apple iPad 3 mini specs :
  • Chip : A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, m7 motion coprocessor.
  • Camera : 5MP iSight camera and 1.2MP photos.
  • Touch ID : fingerprint identity sensor built into the Home button.
  • TV and Video.
  • Siri.
  • OS : iOs 8.
  • Battery : 23.8 watt (rechargeable Lithium-polymer)
  • Etc.
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