windows 9 review and user manual (video).

Windows 9: Innovation for The Future
Microsoft has reviewed the problems in the Windows 8 and try to make it better in the Windows 9. The new design of the start menu on Windows 9 is something that worth to wait for, because the new design will gives the user a quick and faster access comparing to Windows 8. 
Windows 9 wallpaper
Many people said Windows 8 is too complicated, and Microsoft will soon release their new Windows 9 that scheduled at the beginning of September 2014. Windows 9 will give you a better experience, greater performance, and amazing graphics. The features that found in Windows 9 is better if you compared to the previous products. Many gamers will be very pleased to have windows 9 applied on their game consoles, it’s because the rumor that this products will have a feature that makes the connection during the online game will be better and faster. Although it’s only available on 64 bit, but it will do well across various types of devices such as desktops, tablets, Xbox One, and Smartphones.

New system on the Windows 9 power management will give the user longer durability on the battery which is very good especially for smartphones user. Microsoft Corporation also introduce a new feature that you can’t find in the previous versions, it’s called gesture recognition. Gesture recognition will give you great experience in using your Smartphones, PC, and Xbox One. With Kinects system, windows 9 will be able to understand your instruction only with reading your gestures. Many Windows 8 users complained about several features, especially with the start menu button.

That’s why Microsoft hard to operate with, and actually Windows 9 can be more complicated for several user that is not familiar with this product. Windows 9 user manual will be soon released and can be downloaded from the official website, of course after the product has released. But it’s still too early to claim about the price, but rumors said that Windows 9 will have a pretty good deal, and reasonable price, even better price than the Windows 8. It’s true that Windows 8 has a good impression when it first came in this early 2014 with the features such as touchscreen entertainments, new ways to tap and swipe away, but I’m sure you will find it better in Windows 9. And for Xbox One user, you will soon have a greater experience in gaming with great graphics and better internet connection. 

windows 9 user manual download, coming soon.