Oppo N3 Review (video).

The competition in the smart watch market is really strict. People can find the giants in this industry but it is sure that there are new brands which try to inject the market with great products offer. The competition is no longer belongs to the producers from the US and South Korea but also from other countries including China. Oppo becomes the brand from China which offers the world with high end smart phone products. 
Oppo N3
The latest product from Oppo which will be coming out very soon is the phablet called Oppo N3. People cannot check the Oppo N3user manual yet until the release date in October but there are a lot of leaked information about the device which can help people cures their curiosity.

Oppo surely can infiltrate the strict competition in smart phone market especially in high end class. Oppo N3 comes with specifications list which includes the best hardware which is available in current market. A new render of the device will tell people that the device will come with turning camera which is super unique of course. The image of Oppo N3 can tell a lot about the product before people decide to include it in the hunting list. It comes in sizeable phone form but the greatest attraction of this device of course cannot be separated from the camera.

The camera comes with single lens but it is placed on a swiveling piece. The piece is separated from the overall device body. With the camera which can swivel, it means that users will be able to use the sizeable sensor of 13MP capacity to take the rear facing shots which are traditional. It might come with one camera only but doing selfie is not impossible at all with this camera since users only need to flip it over 206 degrees for making snapper which is facing the front.

With the 5.9 inches screen size, people can say that Oppo N3 is the true phablet. The screen will deliver the best look since it comes with Full HD 1080 resolutions. The processor of Oppo N3 will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 which is supported with 3GB RAM. The company offered the customers to choose the material which they want for making the Oppo N3. The choices include stainless steel, Aluminum Lithium alloy, or good old plastic. The aluminum lithium alloy was claimed as the lightest yet strongest in the world. Different options of material will mean different price tag for the device for sure.

Oppo N3 user manual coming soon.