Apple Watch Review (video).

In this digital era, people can find that digitalization in various aspects of life can go further than people can imagine. Of course people are very familiar with digital format of watch but people will find more than just a time reminder function from smart watch which becomes the new favorite gadget recently. After the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Apple, public is waiting for the release of Apple Watch. However, before they can get the real item for their daily gadget support, they can get further information about Apple Watch user manual to find out about the features offered by the smart watch from Apple.
Apple Watch.
The very first question which people will have about this product maybe is about the things they can do with this gadget. It is the very first wearable gadget from able and it can be used for messaging, updating Facebook, simplifying the apps and Siri to the wrists, as well as eliminating the need to take out the device for checking notification only. The smart watch comes with some apps including Weather, Health, Calendar, Photos, shutter button for camera, passbook, Apple Pay, Apple Map, and of course iMessages. It also comes with fitness tracker for helping people to track their activity and steps so this smart watch will be perfect support for daily workout routine. By seeing the design of Apple Watch which has rectangular shaped screen, we will remind iPod Nano. It will be able to afford physical demand of wearer since the chasing is made of stainless steel and aluminum custom alloys. People can get premium look from Apple Watch Edition which is made with 18 karat rose or gold yellow mix.

Apple Watch has a circular knob which is called digital crown which is classic but unique for a smart watch. Since it is smart watch, people can expect more from the circular knob which is full of functionality. It replaces the function of pinch to zoom touchscreen. Users can zoom to Apple Maps for finding location, gallery to find photos, and app selection simply by rotating the knob. Users can also start conversation easily and quickly by pushing the button below the digital crown. There is also tap tic feedback system which can get other smart watch user attention by gentle tap. Watch is all about personal taste and Apple can afford it by offering different bands and casing style which can be chosen according personal preference.

Apple Watch features for you :
  • There's an Apple Watch for everyone.
  • Innovation in every interaction.
  • An incredibly precise timepiece.
  • A more immediate, intimate way to connect.
  • An intelligent health and fitness companion.
  • There's an Apple Watch for everyone.
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