Samsung galaxy s6 review (video).

Samsung Galaxy S6, a Worthwhile Upgrade
Samsung Galaxy S6’s release date is still months away; however, many smartphone users who are currently using Samsung Galaxy S5 are considering an upgrade, especially because there are many fresh features that are introduced through the release of this new model, the most shocking of which are its inductive or wireless charging technology and its Android 5.0 Lion operating system. You will be more amazed when you take a look at its specifications. With a hexa core processor and 4 GB of RAM, this smartphone is comparable to some high-end gaming laptops in 2013 or even in 2014, a comparison between a smartphone and a laptop that was never attempted before. Nevertheless, the specifications above are based on soothsayer’s prediction and the release date is still months away. There are many possibilities that could happen between now and the date on which this smartphone is released. So, keep hoping that anticipate an upgrade when the gadget is finally released. If you haven’t purchased Samsung Galaxy S5, it is recommended that you wait because you will get better deal if you buy Samsung Galaxy S6 when it is finally released.

Samsung Galaxy S6
With such awesome features, this long-awaited smartphone will surely pamper its owners. However, considering its price, which is predicted to be around $750, this expensive smartphone is more suitable for people who will really benefit from its features. Knowing the types of person who can take advantage of this device is better than reading complicated information about its specifications. People who would likely benefit from this device are listed as follows
Smartphone enthusiasts who never miss upgrades
Android enthusiasts who want to try the latest version of this operating system (Android 5.0) Gamers. With powerful processor and plenty of RAM, almost no game will not run on this smartphone.
Photo addicts. This camera is equipped with 21 megapixel camera, which is very reliable for snapping high-definition image and video.
Shoppers and shop owners who want to take advantage of the device’s BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology

Samsung has not released official statement regarding its new smartphone model and its specifications and there is currently no officialSamsung Galaxy S6 user manual available. Therefore, what is written in this review is based on popular predictions. Nevertheless, you can always expect that everything written in this review is near accurate, just like everything that was already written about previous Samsung products was also either near accurate or 100% accurate.

Samsung Galaxy s6 user manual coming soon.