Canon PIXMA MG5620, a Cheap Printer that Simplifies Printing Jobs
A superb printer is expected to be able to simplify printing and scanning process effectively. What is regarded as simple is always changing. When wireless printing technology becomes prominent, what is referred to as simple printing and scanning process is a printing process that doesn’t require wired connection. Today, when the majority of computer users are using cloud system and smartphones, what is regarded as simple printing and scanning process is one that allows direct printing using cloud infrastructure and from those smartphones. Canon tries to offer this simplicity when it releases its three-of-a-kind printer products: PIXMA MG7520, MG6620 and MG5620.
Canon PIXMA MG5620
The three are similar in the sense that they offer direct printing from supported smartphones and tablets and cloud printing using Google cloud printing technology. Among the three, however, PIXMA MG5620 has the fewest features. While the other two models allow direct printing from memory card and Ethernet-connected devices, PIXMA MG5620 doesn’t. It has neither memory card slot nor Ethernet input; however, among the three, PIXMA MG5620 is the cheapest. Tagged at $99.99, PIXMA MG5620 is even cheaper than the half price of PIXMA MG7520, which is priced at $199.99. Compare the price and decide whether or not it is reasonable to spend additional $100 just to get Ethernet and memory card support, or a bigger LCD touchscreen.

PIXMA MG5620 is considered more than sufficient to simplify printing and scanning jobs in today’s world. This affordable printer supports Google cloud printing. Therefore, if you have already used this versatile cloud printing service, you can print everything that you store in your computer, laptop and smartphone from virtually anywhere. As long as you can connect to internet, you can always print your document or photograph wherever you are. This can be great especially if you are in a vacation and your colleague at your workplace require you to print documents that are stored in your device.

Printing from mobile device is also not a hassle if you use this printer. If you are using Apple device, you should know that this printer also supports AirPrint, which allows you to print directly from your device. It also allows you to print from your Android device using Pixma Printing Solutions App.

This printer can also receive your email. If it contains PDF or JPG file, the printer is capable to print it right away. You can read Canon PIXMA MG5620 user manual to learn more about this printer and other powerful features that it can offer to you.
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To can use Canon PIXMA MG5620 better, you must download Canon PIXMA MG5620 user manual in below :
  • download Canon PIXMA MG5620 user manual English (download).
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