windows 8.1 review (video)

A Nice Touch for Windows OS Update: Windows 8.1
The latest series of Windows operating system, Windows 8, has been known to be among the most successful operating system which is not only excels in its overall features and performance, but also has a nice outlook in general. As a result of this satisfying innovation on PC’s and gadget’s operating system, the manufacturer decides to spoil the customer lovingly with another nice update on the otherwise good operating system; windows 8.1. It is intended originally as a response to those who demand an ol’ good mouse and keyboards operations on their touch screen laptops and gadgets, but overall, it is also a nice breeze of touch in terms of operating system as it got faster processing capability and also allows an easier access to applications with the start button being put again as the user’s reliable tool to locate things on their computers.

Additionally, starting from the 8th of April this year, Windows team has make it easier for its loyal users to update the operating system without having to look on the Windows application store first. Instead, the user will gladly upgrade it for you using the standard mechanism of windows update; with a popping notification at certain period of times, which include the links and simple instructions that you can follow once you are agreed to upgrade your PC’s operating system. Windows also make it possible for windows 7 users to upgrade to this particular series by searching the update from the Microsoft Web Store.

This operating system is all about choices. The users have privileges to access over than 5,400 certified windows 8 based PC’s and gadgets with all kinds of shapes, models, and sizes. It is a very versatile operating system as it is compatible with most platforms, be it mobile or home personal computers. About 40 percent of the Windows-based devices are now available in touch-screen. Along with this, so does the growing satisfaction and demands for more several devices apparent, however, it also makes the lovers of the traditional keyboard and mouse gadget users demand a more mouse and keyboard friendly operating system that can meet their expectation. As a result of that, this operating system born and updated to certain ways that makes it easier and faster for the ol’ good processing by mouse and keyboards. Not only that, but this update also includes a lot of neat features to enhance the overall performance of the operating system itself. From the all the more easy access to modern applications and power buttons, this 8.1 windows update is excellent in many ways. There’s an online Windows 8.1 user manual you can access at any time, given you have your PC or gadget connected to internet, or you can access it in the offline help bar, available by default.
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