Samsung Galaxy Star 2 plus

Features and Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus
Samsung has become one of the kings of Smartphone. Korean manufacturer is most commonly issued new products and almost all products are successful in the marketplace. Various models of Samsung Smartphone can be reached by many and very diverse lifestyles. Recently,Samsung has released the Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus as one of the smart phones that can be purchased by many people.
Technology on the Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus
According to information obtained from this phone has used fairly sophisticated technological devices. With speeds of up to 1.2 GB processor support and 512 MB RAM of this phone can work faster. As a complement to the operational then the Samsung Galaxy2 Star Plus has been equipped with Android system version 4.4.2 Kit Kat. Supporting mobile phone battery has also been put on the battery power of 1800 mAh. All users will also find it convenient to store a variety of data by utilizing a memory of 4GB. But this memory portion has also been used to store a wide variety of built-in applications and operating system support. However, for users who want to add additionalstorage capacity can wear with microSD up to 32 GB capacity.

On the screen that has been said by samsung galaxy star 2 plus user manual user will feel very comfortable with screen sizes up to 4.3inches. Display images and text becomes increasingly sharp with support TFT capacitive touch screen technology which uses a resolution of480 x 800 pixels. This support is reinforced with screen dimensions of 129.7 x 65.9 x up to 9.4 mm are equipped with a loudspeaker. In thenetwork this phone uses GSM and HSDPA support which comes with the SIM. Some additional networks such as Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi are also very easy to use.

Appropriate Targets Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus
If we look at all the operating systems and devices used by the Smartphone is the type of the phone is very suitable for newcomers. Somepeople are already using Smartphone with a higher entry level is not suitable for this type of phone. Complementary support for users ofSamsung's new gadget is evidenced by complementary camera with size of 3.15 and the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. But with the addition of a rear camera that can be used to record video and images with Flash LED technology then this phone already has a higher classfor novice entrants.

Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus User Manual coming soon.