Nokia Z review (video)

The Most Recent Applications from Nokia Z 

Nokia has just released a system that is only owned by the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer in this. An application which could only street on the Nokia Z will not be owned by other smart phones. These applications are often referred to as the Z Launcher. This application has a function to change the display on all the major systems associated with the navigation system. This application did not have a relationship with the manufacturers of mobile phones, Google or Android. This application is specially designed by Nokia to provide ease of navigation for all users of Nokia. 
Nokia Z
Actually, up to now the application of the Z Launcher is still being repaired and cannot be used by all of the owners of Nokia. All people who want to use the Z Launcher should make registration in by providing an email address. Not all those who register will be able to use this application. Nokia will make a tracking system to those who are entitled to download this application. This technique is actually deliberately used to see the development of the application user response so that the designer can also get greater benefits. Welcome users to the application are needed to develop a system Z Launcher.

Profile of Nokia Z

Not all versions of Nokia phones can use this application. In Nokia Z user manual says that this app only runs for Nokia which uses Android version 4.1 and above. In fact, it also does not support the application for all Android users. When the application is successfully executed, the main display on the screen will change automatically. The user will see the main display is filled with details that will feature information on the date, time, and calendar. Some application icons will also appear according to the settings on the phone. To facilitate the use of the cell phone owner simply typing the first letter of applications and all data on the phone will appear automatically. In fact, all of the data would appear not to be limited to only a few related applications. This function will allow mobile phone users to work with quickly and interesting.

Advantages of Nokia Z

Many people would like to also learn the advantages of this application primarily to assess that this application actually facilitates the work Nokia phone owners. Nokia Z will automatically track all system most widely used by mobile phone owners in time throughout the day. By the time the system is turned on, the system lock screen will also track applications quickly and accurately. Features Scribble technology will make the owner of the phone is easy to track all the needs of the application and the data simply by typing the first letter only.