Nokia lumia icon (929) review (video)

Windows Operating System of Smartphone

Technology is one of kind of life changing for people who want to have the ease of communication or other activities. Nokia is the leading brand products issued which has many changes of models and functionality. It also makes it easy for us in doing activities that might be wasted a little time and find more about nokia lumia icon user manual.
Nokia Lumia Icon
Windows System on Smartphone
Having a good Smartphone with excellent features and services are being thing that we should have immediately. Moreover, we should not miss the information at all about the newest technology or we will get bad consequences. We also must know nokia lumia icon user manualhas easy way to use it. Many people are relying on Android Smartphone as an indispensable partner in their daily lives. But do you know that Windows which based on Smartphone also has features and exceptional services that have better style than the ordinary Smartphone.

By this increasingly serious challenge of Microsoft to serve the world market of mobile phone, it makes the competition will be more exciting in the field of technology. Currently Nokia Lumia Icon is a product that much sought by people because it has complete specifications and makes many people thought that they given the ease in doing their activities. This smartphone uses the same operating system with a computer device that is using Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Black which will make us comfortable in using this Smartphone.

The Signals and Its Specifications
Nokia Lumia Icon has a 2G GSM network, 3G HSDPA, and 4G LTE which provide the advantages and ease for faster communication. The width size of the screen of Nokia Lumia Icon is 5.0 inches and this size usually called Phablet. This is also supported an internal memory up to 32gb which is ready to save a lot of various kinds of applications and 2gb of RAM which also help us in running any applications without any restrictions.

For nokia lumia icon user manual, the main camera on the Nokia Lumia Icon gives a resolution of 20 MP that could capture memorable moment. The secondary camera has 1.2MP resolution. Those also provide many advantages for efficient communication and for do video calls. By using a layer of capacitive AMOLED screen will make our fingers more easily use this phone. This AMOLED technology also used to create this 5-inch Smartphone more capable in displaying beautiful graphics. The sharpness of the color reaches the size of 441 ppi. The Smartphone that has Windows system will be eased you to do your daily activities.

Nokia Lumia Icon review pros and cons :
Nokia Lumia Icon having following cons :
  • Slight muffling of phone call audio.
  • Still some ecosyste problems.
  • Bland, compromised design.
Nokia Lumia Icon having following cons :
  • Fantastic performance.
  • Powerful processor.
  • Good image quality.
  • Gorgeoud display.
Nokia Lumia icon features :
  • Test the ultimate video experience.
  • Watch the winning film.
  • Seriously. 4 microphones?
  • Advanced 20MP camera takes amazing photos.
  • Beautiful 5" display.
  • Advanced design for high speed performance.
  • Nokia mixradio.
  • Etc.
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Download Nokia Lumia icon user manual :
  • download Nokia Lumia icon user manual English (download).
  • download Nokia Lumia icon user manual Espanol (download).
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