Nokia lumia 830 review (video)

Useful Details about Nokia Lumia 830 User Manual

You could find various types of mobile phones that are available on the market these days. One of the most well known brand names of mobile phone is Nokia. Until today, Nokia has produced various types of mobile phone with various choices of specifications, features, and design. One of the most popular series of mobile phone that are produced by Nokia is Lumia. So far, there are various types of Nokia Lumia that you could find in the market with different specifications and features. The latest type of Nokia Lumia is Nokia Lumia 830. Based onNokia Lumia 830 user manual, this latest model on Lumia series will be the best Lumia so far. It has several features that are not available in previous types and has better performance than its predecessors.  
Nokia Lumia 830
Basically, the design of Nokia Lumia 830 is quite similar to its predecessors. This new Nokia Lumia still use colorful case as one of the most notable characteristic of these series. There are various types of color available such as black, grey, blue, red, white, violet, and yellow. The color that is used on the design of this mobile phone has become one of its attractions. According to Nokia Lumia 830 user manual, the type of display that is used in this mobile phone is AMOLED captivated Touchscreen. This type of Touchscreen provides better interface since you could navigate the menu by sliding and tapping your finger without have to use too much effort. The sensitivity of the screen is remarkable. The 16M color display provides amazing color that looks both vivid and bright characteristics at the same time. The dimension of the display is 4.3 inches, a little bit bigger than its predecessors. This mobile phone has 8.0 Megapixels camera that could produce high quality pictures with great resolutions. Maximum photo resolutions at could be produced by this camera are 3264 x 2448 pixels.

This new Lumia has several features that will improve your experience when using this mobile phone. One of the most notable features that you could find on this mobile phone is its wireless charging feature. Based on Nokia Lumia 830 user manual, wireless charging feature that is provided by this mobile phone allows you to charge the phone without have to connect it to charging wire. This feature is very useful especially when you travel and you couldn’t find any power source for charging your phone. The price of this new Lumia is also quite affordable as well. With all the features and benefits that are offered by this phone, Nokia Lumia 830 is definitely the best Lumia that is produced by Nokia so far.              

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