This article shares HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) user manual which works well with the needs of customers to find out more about the overview of the product signified. This contains of the description of what is inside the notebook, as well as the discussion of the appearance of the notebook.

HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) is a brand new notebook from HP that simply gives another definition of high-speed browsing activities. This will suit for those who currently dwell in business that needs to be online all the time. By using the Google Chrome operating system, this notebook will get you to the websites you are trying to connect to faster. Therefore, this one is predicted to be the most favorite notebook a human being could ever have.

HP also decides to have the cooperation with Energy Star which can surely guarantees the longest battery life. As we all know that Energy Star is a mission of a company that wanted to give the people more practical way of using notebook by giving the smartest way to save the battery life. This supports the fact that this notebook has 3 cells battery which can last for 6 hours plus 15 minutes approximately. This is surely an advantage.

HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) also applies Exynos Processor which is somewhat a super smart brain for a notebook to do clever things such as using less power of the battery, processing any information available faster, and many other things.

The design that this notebook offers also gives no space for the customers for not loving it. The slim body and the smart have made this product deserved to be given two thumbs up. By having this kind of design, HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) is listed as one of futuristic notebooks that have ever been made of. Moreover, the light weight also becomes an advance for only weighing 2.69 lbs.

The price opened firstly for the latest product of HP is around $270 which makes this super smart notebook becomes affordable for anyone. HP once again proves that everyone can get what it takes to have a smart gadget for only spending not more than $300. The price is reasonable for the specifications which the notebook has.
This is the end of HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) user manual. We hope that it gives you enough guidance to consider buying this product.

HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) review specs and features :
HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) specs :
  • OS : Google Chrome.
  • Processor : Samsung Exynos 5 Dual (1.7 GHz).
  • Memory : 2GB 1066 MHz DDR3L SDRAM (onboard).
  • Hard drive : 16 GB eMMC.
  • Battery : 3-cell (30 WHr) Li-ion polymer.
  • Power supply : 15.75 W AC power adapter.
  • Display : 11.6" diagonal HD LED-backlit (1366 x 768).
  • Keyboard : Full-size island-style.
  • Etc.
HP Chromebook 11-2010nr (ENERGY STAR) features :
  • Samsung Exynos processor.
  • Entertainment on the go.
  • Distinctive in design and form.
  • Chrome Operating System.
  • Etc.
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