Apple iOs 8 User Manual: Guide You To Your New iPhone
This fall Apple is going to launch its new operating system iOS series that is iOS 8. Maybe it is the fastest operating system upgrade in this year. Why not? It is because the iOS 7 was just released a couple of months ago. For some of people maybe this new operating system is not really different with its predecessor. Well, people maybe do not know until they try it by themselves. There are many people that have experienced the changes of iOS series. When a new operating system is released most of them just reluctantly to try it and even mocking it. But! After they try the operating system upgrade from Apple their reaction just ‘wow’. Some people said that you need to feel the experience from Apple by yourself. To get to know with your new iOS series, this Apple iOs 8 user manual is going to touch you what you will feel on this new iOS series. 

In its ads, Apple is highly guarantee that iOS 8 is going to make the users feel a new experience of iOS with the new features. But is that true? Well, we get through the Apple iOs 8 user manual to know more about it. For some new feature, it has been rumored that iOS 8 comes with several addition in its applications. With its new application, Apple is going to make you experience the new photo storing and editing. You can edit your recently captured photo to be an awesome and beautiful image with this new feature from iOS 8. Besides, those photos now are able to be stored in iCloud. This gives you freedom to access your photos from any device without connecting your iPhone to the targeted device. The new message system from iOS 8 will also change the way you feel about messaging. You can easily send your own voices, videos or even make conversation group in this ne message system. In its design iOS 8 is more advance from iOS 7. You will feel bigger changes in this new operating system. Now Apple also concern about their customers health with adding an application that help you to monitor your health and fitness activity. The app also helps the user to inform his health to the doctor so that your health information is guaranteed accurate. 
Apple iOs 8 user manual has revealed some of the capability of new operating system. It is the time for you to experience it by yourself and feel the difference of iOS 8. You can read more about Apple iOs 8 in here.