Android L, Faster and More Challenging
Android L will finally be launched. Being launched as the latest Android, the developer claimed that this one is going to the best upgrades in Android regime so far. Judging from the appearance and design, Android’s new designed by 5000 new APISs, which makes it far different from typical mobile form. It looks like a tablet, a TV screen, as compact as watch and as handy as mobile phone. It looks so much alive with its 3D tiles. It’s flat and lightweight, but somehow looks pretty broad. Its shadow gradients make the phone look very animated. Android L, in short gives an elegant, practical and futuristic look, which is then more described by the features. You can see it from the Android L user manual.
Android L
The content and applications in Android L are made compact to the screen. Instead of showing everything about your applications updates on the notification panel, the relevant and crucial information only that will be described. As its predecessor, those notifications will pop up immediately on the lock screen once you automated it. You only need to swipe up to access it right to the last notification’s follow up. The pop up feature of notification is also made more respectful towards your activity. It will show up at the top of the screen in small frame that won’t disturb your activity (playing game, watching video, listening to the music, etc). It’s your decision then whether you want to execute the notification or not. It’s including phone call as well!

With ART, Android KitKat works so much faster and cooperates well with ARM, x86 and MIPS platforms. It makes thing work much more efficient. ART is not only memory efficient, but also eases user who are not familiar with apps readjustment in Android. ART makes it possible for all apps to be benefitted right away and being synched automatically. Android L, if it’s not a bridge, then is a transformable form of mobile phone and PC, graphic wise. Android Extension, the Google designed additional kit allows user to shorten the gap between desktop-PC graphics with mobile phone. More direction buttons, such as home and multi-tasking widow buttons were upgraded and repaired as well.

The efficiency is also pushed by the renewal of battery life. Android L’s battery is packed up with Project Volta, which makes it stands 90 minutes than its predecessor. Android L is enriched by battery life saver, which enables user to set it up to the most efficient consuming mode according to the program being played.

Material Design "Android L"

The Androd L Developer preview includes support for material design apps. Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platfroms and devices. To use material design in your Android apps, follow the guidelines defined in the material design specification and use the new components and functionality available in the Android L Developer preview.

The Android L Developer preview provides the following elements for you to build material design apps :
  • A new theme.
  • New widgets for complex views.
  • New APIs for custom shadows and animations.
Material Theme.

The material theme provides a new style for your app, system widgets that let you set their color palette, and default animations for touch feedback and activity transitions.

Dark Material Theme
Light Material Theme
New Widgets

The Android l Developer Preview includes two new windgets for displaying complex views :
The new RecyclerView widget is a more advanced version of ListView that provides performance improvements for dynamic views and is easier to use.
The new CardView widget lets you display important pieces of information inside cards that have a consistent look and feel.
View Shadows

In addition to the X and Y properties, views in the Android L Developer preview have a Z property. This new property represents the elevation of a view, which determines :
  • The size of shadow - views with higher Z values cast bigger shadows.
  • The drawing order -  views with higher Z values appear on top of other views.

The Android L Developer Preview provides new APIs tha let you create custom animation for touch feedback in UI controls, view state changes, and activity transitions.
The new animation APs let you :
  • Respond to touch event in your views with touch feedback animations.
  • Hide and show views with reveal effect animations.
  • Switch between activities with custom sctivity transition animations.
  • Create more natural animations with curve motion.
  • Animate changes in one or more view properties with view state chage animations.
  • Show animations in state list drawables between view state changes.
Touch feedback animations are build into several standard views, such as buttons. the new APIs let you customize these animations and add animations to your custom views.

New Capabilities for Drawables

The Android L Developer Preview supports drawable tinting : you can define bitmaps as an alpha mask and tint them using a color resource. You create assets only once and color each instance to match your theme. Drawbles also now support specifying most XML properties as theme atteributes.

The Android L Developer Preview Support Library includes a color extraction library that lets you automatically extract prominent colors from a bitmap image.

Android L user manual coming soon.

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