Samsung smart camera NX-mini NXF1 review video.

The Underrated Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1: Bad Marketing or Plain Over Confidence?

It is a good to have an optimistic approach in life, especially when it comes to marketing. But sadly, this is something that is also not-so-good when it comes to market and branding war, and this is something that Samsung hasn't put much attention to. Although the quality of a product is good, but brand also plays an important role in marketing. Brand defines reputation, and we can't force Nikon or Canon fans to try  their hand on a new brand of camera just like that. Sure, it is possible, but definitely an arduous, slippery slope to conquer with. Perhaps it is also in the matter of price. Samsung is quite relentless this time, offering no discount for such an expensive camera. Well, we all know Samsung is a prominent brand with many products to be proud of, but still, one can easily understand the marketing of smart camera NX-mini NXF1 is not very wise on Samsung's part.
Samsung smart  Camera NX-Mini NXF1
However, speaking in general, the product itself is actually good. It has a good quality picture processor, good for shooting, and capable of covering the needs of many beginner photographers, or advanced, so to speak. Too bad that at the start line of the competition, the high price is already scaring off many potential buyers. Well, now, let's move on the more specific explanation of its specifications.

The design and size are quite neat, allowing easy ergonomics and pleasantries to look at. It also available in many different colours to meet the expectations of many tastes. All in all,it is good but pretty weak design for frequent or outdoor uses, but it is fine as long as it used mainly for domestic purposes. It weighs 196 grams, quite light, I would say, and also very small. However, small is not always necessary means convenient, with all those super-small buttons you will have to get used to.

 Specifications for the built in quality are quite neat, I would say. It has 20.5 MP resolution which can capture vivid images with excellent qualities. For the continuous shooting feature, it can capture up to six frames per second. At the resolution of five mega pixels, 30 frames can be claimed instead. The disadvantageous points of this camera lies in its adjustment of balance, its exposure compensation, and the changing of ISO. There are times when the contrast is not in its correct state, and autofocus can also missed quite often. The packages will come with Charger with USB cable, battery, nine mm lens (or nine-twenty seven mm), Adobe light room version 5, user manual smart camera NX-mini NXF1, and an external flash. All in all, it is not really a disappointing product in general, but one can absolutely argue that it is not the best and can put their money with something else more affordable, but also with an equally good quality, or even more!

Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 review specs and features :
Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 having following specs :
  • Effective pixel : 20.5 Mp.
  • Image sensor type : BSI CMOS.
  • Type 9mm.
  • Manin LCD Screen : 3.0" flip up and Tounch LCD screen.
  • Etc.
Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 having following features :
  • Stylishly slim, impressively light.
  • Flip the display and perfect your selfie.
  • Capture more from your selfies.
  • Capture real life in full detail.
  • Tap and share memories.
  • More lenses means higher performance.
  • Enough battery power to shoot the whole story.
  • Etc.
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See Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 features more.
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If you Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 user. You must download Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 user manual below, so you can use Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 better thann now. Trust me!
Download Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 user manual :
  • download Samsung Smart Camera NX-mini NXF1 user manual English (download).
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