Not Pretty, But Has The Quality: Samsung Galaxy W
Let's cut the chase and get to the show, shall we? Another excellent product from Samsung manufacturer in the line of smart phones will surely hit it big among the gadget lovers. Despite being not the prettiest of smart phones out there, Samsung galaxy W surely has what it takes to be an excellent smart phone. The manufacturer itself has history of creating good smart phones with ferocious processors and massive display screens, to speak of, but unfortunately, these series require a high prices too as an exchange. That is part of the reason why, this Samsung Galaxy W is made. With a rather modest screen and processor, it is more affordable in the smart phone market and many will opt for it as it also has a good quality not worth to miss of.
Samsung Galaxy W
While it is clearly lacking in the design department, but don't underestimate its capability. Moreover, let's face it; Samsung android phones design has never been quite appealing in comparison to many other smart phone designs, and that is also the case with this series.  The large share of the front part is taken by the 3,7 touch screen. It also has a rather rough finishes which can withstand scratches and hide it better, to top it all. Generally, the adjective 'flimsy' is not quite the right word to describe the design, but it is indeed feel very light in its weight that sometimes it is quite alarming when you put it deep in your pocket and don't pay much attention to it. Rather than using AMOLED technology like its brethren S2, this series used LCD for the display screen, instead. However, you don't have to worry, since it is still one of the phone's strongest points.
For the operating system, it depends on the Snapdragon processor (1,4 Ghz) and a 512 MB of RAM, which is something that makes it processes many programs faster, and lag is something you will meet very rarely. However, it can also have its moment of being sluggish when faced with a graphically heavy web page. As for the call quality, while it is not the most amazing feat available, but it is generally good. It runs on the Gingerbread Android version and has TouchWiz interface, but sadly, it just looked a little bit flat to my liking and the quality of its build can be improved better, to be honest. Meanwhile, for the camera department, it has two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. The quality of the picture is simply impressive with its details and carefully captured, vivid colours, even in the low light. All in all, it is a good smart phones, and combined with affordable price, it is simple irresistible. Check the user manual samsung galaxy W that comes along in the packages to learn about the features better, and you will find out that it is not a disappointing product at all, excellent, even.

Samsung Galaxy W review pros and cons :
Samsung Galaxy W having following pros :
  • Good battery.
  • Design.
  • cheap.
Samsung Galaxy W having following cons :
  • RAM just 512MB.
  • Just 2G mode.
Samsung Galaxy W review specs and features :
Samsung Galaxy W having following specs :
  • OS : Android Giger bread.
  • RAM : 512 MB.
  • Baterry : 1500 mAh.
  • Screen size : 3.7 inch.
  • Camera : 5 megapixels.
Samsung Galaxy W having following features :
  • Powerful performance.
  • Sleek & Modern design.
  • Seamless Connectivity.
  • Rich contents service.
  • UX Improvements.
  • Exchange Active sync.
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Learn more Samsung Galaxy W with download Samsung Galaxy W user manual in below. we belive with Samsung Galaxy W user manual, you can use Samsung Galaxy W better.
Download Samsung Galaxy W user manual :
  • download Samsung Galaxy W user manual English (download).
  • download Samsung Galaxy W user manual Indonesia (download).
  • download Samsung Galaxy W user manual Chinese (download).
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