HTC One (E8)  review (video)

 HTC one E8 Deserver Your Money Better than M8 
To say it briefly, HTC one E8 deserve your money more than its brethren of M8 series. Why? Because while both offer their own desirable quality in their own sense, but the E8 is still a more preferable, I would say. It is just too good to resist such a feat of smart phone, especially when it comes with a rather budget-friendly price tag like E8 does. Although, there are still no fixed price, but rumour mill has it that it would fall in the price half of the M8's. The design here is also the strikingly key points which differs the two series in terms of quality. The HTC M8 has the ninety percent metal chassis as its body, while the E8 has the dual curve design made out of polycarbonate material. While some may prefer the metal covering, but polycarbonate materials are actually the one that capable of posing a more natural feel to the hand when handled, which is something that many people more comfortable with.
HTC One E8
In addition, they both also come in different colours. There are 'Arctic silver', 'Amber Gold', and 'Metal Grey' for the HTC one M8, meanwhile its successor will come in “Electric Crimson, 'Polar White', 'Misty Grey', and 'Maldives Blue', which means a more varied options. But preference will play the part here, so we willnot discuss about that no more. Moving on to the specifications, both versions has the same specification in display, as both share the 5-inches super LCD 3 screen. Good news for those who loves the display of M8, the manufacturer is not cutting any features in the department, so the quality still stand. As for the performance , they both stand with the same performance of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with RAM of 2 gigabytes and Adreno processor for the graphic, they will still stand in the same fast performance generally, worry not about that aspect.

As for the storage, while the M8 naturally can store more with 16 until 32 gigabyte memory, but E8 is doing its impressive feat too with 16 GB. They both also has capacity that allow you made additions up to 128 gigabyte by using the external memory card that is removable. The camera departments in both phones, however, is slightly different, as it turns out, that's where the manufacturer decided to cut the corners with (along with the memory aspect). While, the former M8 has dual front camera, the E8 only has  only one front camera in 13 mega pixels. But both of the series still featured the five mega pixel rear camera for selfies lovers and the video chat purposes, so it still good. The battery life of the HTC One E8 is also impressive, as it has extreme power saving mode and can run the equal long run time as its brethren. Although regarding the power saving aspects is still unclear, but many has predicted that the manufacturer will include it anyway. The package will also comes up with helpful user manual htc one (E8) to guide you with its use. Let's just wait this awesome phone to hit the market!

HTC One (E8) review specs and features :
HTC One (E8) having folowing specs :
  • Display : Super LCD3 , 1080 x 1920 pixels "5-inch".
  • RAM : 2 GB.
  • Memory internal : 16GB up to 128GB.
  • OS : Android 4.4.2 KitKat.
  • CPU : Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400.
  • Camera : 13MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels.
  • Battery : 2600 mAh.
HTC One (E8) having following features :
  • Geo-tagging.
  • Touch focus.
  • Face detection.
  • Proximity.
  • A-GPS support.
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Download HTC One E8 user manual :
  • download HTC One E8 user manual (download)
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