Asus Zenfone 4,5,6  review (video)

How Asus Decides to Hit it Big in Lines of Smartphones: Zenfone 4,5,6

Asus is making it big by venturing into the smart phone world. It is a bold move, indeed, considering that up until now Asus is more widely known with manufacturing PCs and more recently, tablets. With the line of smart phones in hand, their product is widely anticipated by many eager gadget lovers.  Meet Zenfone, the newest smart phones series manufactured by Asus. They will all come with Asus ZenUI Operating System built on android 4.3 with the promised future upgrade to KitKat 4.4 in the near future. These sweet little gadgets will come in five different colours. For the Zenfone 4, black, red, blue, white, and yellow will be available. As for the Zenfone 5 and 6, black, purple, gold, and red colours are provided for your every preference. Now let's move on to the specifications.
Asus Zenfone 4,5,6
First, about the camera department. Good news for those selfie or gadget lovers out there, the manufacturer has promised to bring out the revolutionary in their smart phones' cameras. The 'PixelMaster', one of the technologies developed by Asus is supposed to fill in the role of excellent hardware, optical, and software design all in one to create high quality images. There is a feature mode of low-light photo which capable of adjusting pixels, and using the neat image processing to create a better images in both low-light conditions and indoors. It has been scheduled that a use of a five-element optical system f2.0. Is to be expected among the features.

In addition, all of these three Zenfones series will have a work centred on 3G, since they are planned to have the quad-band WCDMA in their designs. For the sub $300 phone market, these smart phones are quite a feat.

As for the each phone, the Zenfone 4's battery will have the capacity of 1200 mA. An okay quality for a 4.0” phone, really, but in the end,it will again depends on how the Atom SoC runs. The phone is also a little bit low on the resolution, but then again, it helps when you have a battery with that capacity. It is still quite a neat product, though, considering their target market of $100-something phone.

Moving on to the Zenfone 5, this series will feature three configurations. It will have 1 Gigabyte of Ram and 8 Gigabyte of ROM, 2 Gigabyte and 16 Gigabyte and the last is 1 Gigabyte and 8 Gigabyte version, respectively.  The GPU feature will all have PowerVR with serial number of SGX544, dual-core, atom-based, which is something to look forward for, especially for those who wait for juicy graphical display.  For al the three of them though, one striking appeal is definitely the design. With all the colours and designs, they will hit the market big, I would say, especially with neat features along with the budget friendliness. All of the specifications can be looked up further in user manual Zenphone 4,5,6, if you want to know what else these awesome little things can do.
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