Asus transformer book Vreview (video).

Three Functions of Asus Transformer Book V

Asus transformer book V is a hybrid device that can be changed the function. It can be turned notebook, smartphone or tablet. You can use some functions only one product. In addition, it is supported with two operating system Windows and Android KitKat. The presence of Asus Transformer Book V is being a brilliant solution for those liking practicability and efficiency. Now, let’s talk about this multifunctional smartphone. 

Design of Asus Transformer Book V

With multi functions, Asus transformer book V also offers a good design from display and screen. It is supported with a metallic casing and aluminum cover. It has two screens as it can be changed to three functions. The body of tablet has a narrower screen in size of 5 inches. It is similar to a smartphone product that can be separated. Meanwhile, the part of Asus Transformer Book V that can be changed to notebook has a screen in size of 12.5 inches. The design of Asus Transformer Book V is so really impressing. The screen of this phone is completed with IPS technology. It makes users get easier in using and operating this smartphone. Moreover, it has sharper and clear colors with the support of IPS technology. 

Operating System

This smartphone has been claimed four times faster than 3G. With one special button, the operating system can be changed from Android to be Windows or otherwise. Actually, this smartphone can be assembled to be five functions and gadgets. The operating system of Asus Transformer Book V is also supported with storage more than 1 terabyte. Meanwhile, the processor of this smartphone uses Intel Core with the latest generation. The operating system of tablet uses Android KitKat or Windows. But, the operating system can be change if the smartphone is taken from the tablet as only smartphones cannot be changed the operating system. Tablet of Asus transformer book V has storage of 128 GB that is very big capacity for the tablet. 

Sophisticated Technology

Asus transformer book V has fair specifications and technology. It is supported with RAM of 4 GB that is enough to save data and games. In addition to have a bigger RAM, it is completed with internal memory in size of 128 GB. The big capacity of RAM and internal memory makes the work of tablet, and notebook smoothly. Meanwhile, it can be used for longer time and hours. Tablet and smartphone has different RAM and internal memory. But, those belong to big capacity so that it can save many files including games, songs, photos and some applications. When you like taking photos, it can support your hobby with providing front and main camera so that it makes your day perfect. 

Asus Transformer Book V review specs and features :
Asus Transformer Book V having following specs :
  • Processor : Intel Atom Quad-Core processor and Nex Gen Intel Core.
  • OS : Android 4.4 with the Zen UI and Windows 8.1.
  • Memory : 2GB and 4GB.
  • Camera : 2Mp, 8Mp and HD Camera.
  • Battery : 2550mAh  and 2 cells, 28WH.
  • Graphics : Intel HD Graphics.

Asus Transformer Book V having following features :
  • Windows 8.1 or other edition available.
  • Three devices, two operating systems, five modes-all seamlessly integrated.
  • Simple Windows/Android.
  • World's first Intel Moorefield 5in LTE smartphone.

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Asus Transformer Book V user manual :
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