Review: HTC One Mini 2 (video)

For quite some time, many fans of gadgets and smartphones, has been raving up about the particular product of HTC One M8, which has been in the market for a while. While the overall design and quality of that particular smartphone is good, but not all people are willing to fish up for a lot of money from their pocket to afford a top-flagship device. The manufacturers are pretty much aware of this; hence, they decided to release the ‘little brother’ version of the phone, the “mini” series. 
HTC One Mini 2
Only about a year has passed, since HTC manufacturer releases a quite decent, middle-to upper quality of a smartphone which goes by the name of HTC one mini. The mini series which has borrowed its predecessor design but not quite in terms of the internal hardware, since it is some sort of ‘abridged, affordable version’ of the phone after all.

Anyway, rumor has it that the very same manufacturer which in charge of developing the two aforementioned product, is about to release another product for the mini series which goes by the pretty much obvious name of HTC one mini 2. Numerous rumors and ‘spoilers’ concerning the new release has been flowing around rumor mill for quite some time now. Well, it is good news and all, but everyone has the same question nagging their minds regarding this new release, “Will the next one be the true affordable sophisticated flagship device posing as just the right alternative to its predecessor?” Well, this article will provide you the gist of things that probably will help you just the right question to that.
Review of specifications

In the design department, HTC One Mini 2 definitely looks appealing and actually done a good job in being quite attractive to many gadgets lovers. It seems that the manufacturer themselves quite have soft spot for this phone since the design stays true to the one that its predecessor has. The shell is made out of metal, and many of the designs are similar with the ‘big brother’ version. This product is also a little bit thicker when compared to the M8. However, the handset midrange is lighter so it is still pretty much cool to have around. 
The display department though, is considerably lacking in comparison of the M8 version, but it still quite reasonable since it is called ‘mini’ for reasons. Well, this phone features a panel which consist of 720 x 1280 in measurement of height and width, and as per inch, it can deliver pictures in 326 pixels. The processing power is also not so much of thing to talk about, since reasonably, they will have to cut out some quality in the hardware aspects to make it more affordable in the market. The term flagship device for this phone is still too far and too good to be true, to be very honest, even though it already has worthwhile development in the display to create the impression. While it runs well most of the time, Mini 2 still has a long way to go as it is still reasonably inferior in terms of processing performance compared to its big brother. 

When looking at the specifications of M8, 1 Gigabyte of RAM, 1.2 Gigahertz of 400 quad -core powered processor, and Adreno 305 GPU of this phone still looks like a piece of cookie in comparison. The built-in storage is still quite good for mini version, though. It has 16 Gigabyte of built-in storage. The battery of Mini 2 also still no match in comparison to its predecessor, with the 2,100 mAh unit, it is capable of only providing roughly 16 hours of phone-talk and 556 hours of standby mode. The 13 MP setup of the camera can be also a little let down for some people, even though the number of MP is larger, but the pixels are still smaller. It also uses a regular LED flash rather than the dual tone one, like what its big brother has. However, the good news is, the phone still include a feature of front facing camera with about 1080 pixels for each 30 fps of recording videos ability. The rest of the specifications will be included in the user manual of HTC one mini 2 that will available alongside the product. 

All in all, while the overall specifications are still not something to bring home about, this smartphone is still considerably attractive and impressive in its own kind. It goes without sating that the main attraction for this phone will be in its price department. While there are still no fixed confirmations regarding the price from the manufacturer, this mini thing will still definitely steal some spotlights in the market. Let’s all wait for this series to be out and kicking!
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  • If HTC One mini 2 have been release, you can download and you must download user manual in here.

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