Blackberry Z3 revie (video)
The New Blackberry Z3

What’s new?
As we know that Blackberry is one the most famous smartphone brands in Indonesia. Many people feel comfort when using it, especially from the feature which called by BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Recently, BlackBerry® has launched a new product named BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition, which is adapted from BlackBerry 10 by 5” wide touch screen. It comes with special design to give the user comfortable feeling when typing either in English or Bahasa Indonesia. Also the user can send messages by BBM to other users with beautiful emoticon or sticker which are designed by distinctive character of Indonesia at an affordable price.
Blackberry Z3
What the features offer?
This BlackBerry type is especially designed for user who like in using BBM, where you can send stickers which have the characteristic of Indonesia. Even you can still open other application while you running BBM without close it, which called by multitasking. BlackBerry Hub feature make you possible to access any messengers even if you were running other application. This smartphone will easy for you to change the typing in English or Bahasa, because it will observe the habit of you when you type the keyboard. Besides, it provides you highly connection in which just by single shear from any application you can peek all of your messages you received with ease, also you can organize what is message important for you and monitor your conversation. More than it, you can share files you want to others rapidly with smart sharing. Armed with 5 MP lenses, it can support you to capture the best ever moment, even more by 16 artistic-filter feature you can express these moments. For the connectivity, this phone will easy for you to access the browser faster, so that you can always be connected to internet and you can get much information you need. Smartphone BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition will always be ready for you anytime you need with up to 15.5 hours of talk time and standby time up to 16.2 days. It’s highly battery capacity will always be supporting you to perform the daily routines easier, more comfortable, and more fun.

If you want to know more about BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition, you must pay this product directly and just enjoy then joy of using it. Finally, if you find any problems with it, you only need to read the user manual BlackBerry Z3 or just go back to the shop you bought it up.

Blackberry Z3 review specs and features :
Blackberry Z3 having following specs :
  • Processor : Dual core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8230.
  • RAM : 1.5GB.
  • Battery : 2500mAH.
  • Screen size : 5-inch.
  • camera : 5MP.
  • Etc.
Blackberry Z3 having following features :
  • Designed for BBM.
  • Experience on glass.
  • Make the most of connections.
  • Share quickly and easily.
  • The perfect shot every time.
  • Rich, fast browsing.
  • Etc.
See Blackberry Z3 specs (Blackberry Z3).
See Blackberry Z3 features (Blackberry Z3)
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Learn more Blackberry Z3 with download Blackberry Z3 user manual in below. We belive with read user manual you can use Blackberry Z3 better than now.
Download Blackberry Z3 user manual :
  • download Blackberry Z3 user manual English (download).
  • download Blackberry Z3 user manual Portugues (download).
  • download Blackberry Z3 user manual Indonesia (download).
  • download Blackberry Z3 user manual Turkce (download).
Hopefully useful to user Blackberry Z3.
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