Apple iPad Air 2 review (video).
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Nowadays gadgets are owned almost by everyone. People are willing to spend their money to buy cellular, laptop, notebook iPad, iPod, you name it! It has been a part of many lives for the past 10 years. Flexible to use as a goal moreover offers high well known entertainment.  This time particularly we cover about iPad air 2 user manual. This version of iPad is released last April in this year, 2014. Last year, millions customers bought iphone 5 as a result Apple extended finger print scanner. The touch ID framework is prety much the same as S5 that will be in Air model the second. Ipad Air 2 user manual offers a biometric security features.  Boast with 8MP shooter and electronic image stabilization (EMS) and indeed larger camera pixel size as well. This version enables 64 bit mobile computing with A8 chip processor.  No wonder Apple predicted that this version is going to be sold out millions worldwide.
Apple iPAd air 2
Competing with Samsung, Apple has no way to dropping of their sales prices. Ipad Air 2 user manual is better and faster than the previous version. Of course Apple has always producer gadgets that improve in any feature that could be offered every year.  With The dimension of 200x134.7x7,5 mm (7,87,5,30x0,30 in) and weighted 331g (wifi) /341 g (3G/LTE) ( 11,68 oz). Ipad Air 2 user manual with the display type that is 1535x2048Pixel (7,9 Inches) C-324p Pixel density. The battery is non removal Li-PO 23,8 wh and talk time up to 10 hours. Talking about the memory internal, this version is enable in 16/32/64/128 GB storage and 1 GB RAM DDR3.  Ipad Air 2 user manual provide colors such as space gray, black, white and silver.  And also featured with active noise cancelation with dedicated mic, siri natural language commands and dictation, airdrop file sharing, Icloud cloud service, icloud keychain, twitter and facebook integration, Tv-out, maps, audio/video and player/editor, Organizer, image viewer/editor, document viewer/editor (word,excel, powerpoint), voice memo and predictive memo.  The loudspeaker itself is displayed with contrast ratio 804; 1, voice 65dB/noise 62dB/ Ring 72dB, quality audio noise 93, 8 dB/Crosstalk-82,9dB.  With these kinds of features and spefications then it is sure recommended to those who want to have greater scene to surf information via internet.  As a result Apple’s iPad Air 2 user manual should be chosen in this particular year to gain more flexibility in any type of conditions.  

Apple iPad Air 2 having following specs (rumors) :
  • Waterproof.
  • 9.7-inch screen size.
  • A8 processor chip.
  • Wi-fi in a MIMO 802.11 dual band.
  • 8 Megapixels.
If you have Apple iPad Air 2, you must download Apple iPad Air 2 user manual in below. So you can use Apple iPad Air 2 better than now with read user manual. trust me !
Download Apple iPad Air 2 user manual :
download Apple iPad Air 2 user manual English (coming soon).
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