The Samsung NX30 is Samsung's latest products CSC. It has some features from the previous NX models, including the same 20 MP resolution on previous models. However, the NX30 offers some innovations with an eye-catching styling with a DSLR, an upscale LCD, EVF and a wealth of advanced connectivity features, some which are unique.

Samsung's expertise in consumer electronics NX30 is really beneficial. First there is the LCD screen - 3 - inch Super AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 1,037 k dots. Fast refresh rate monitors and a variety of fantastic colors. Equally useful is the ability to move the LCD 180.

With a refresh rate of equally impressive, large screen color and great contrast as high as that of a standard LCD. The large screen can satisfy your eyes, you can freely see the results and also the video image that is within. Large screen color available is also guaranteed clean and clear, you will not be disappointed with his display. Video made possible with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 60p or 30p either. Low-resolution video is also possible in a variety of frame rates and sizes, including web - optimized 30-second video.

Best Camera Wi - Fi and NFC are present and you can connect to their smart devices for free through Samsung Smart Camera app, available for both iOS and Android, and, of course, long-distance shooting, preview, download, or upload an image. There are other, unique, connectivity - features, such as the ability connect to the internet from Wi- Fi hotspots without the help of other devices. Pictures can be uploaded directly to social networks like Facebook or a popular color storage service, Dropbox via the pre-installed applications. This is the first device - specific cameras that allow direct upload to dropbox.

Samsung 's focus on the LCD and also the ability to connect to the internet and dropbox. One thing that can not be done by other products. Dropbox on the camera can make you to upload images and share them with other friends. The large LCD allows users to see images more clearly is one of the advantages that exist in Samsung NX30.

For those of you who love the features Wi - Fi, a good chance you'll get from the Samsung NX30. Utilizing Wi - Fi available to provide satisfaction to the users to communicate with other peers and also will facilitate its way communication between the other users to share images and other documents available on the Samsung NX30 yours.

Samsung Camera NX30 review specs and features :
Samsung Camera NX30 having following specs :
  • Effective Pixel : Approx 20.3MP.
  • Sensor Type : CMOS.
  • Color Filter : RGB Primary Colour Filter.
  • NFC.
  • Battery : 180 min / 360 shot (CIPA Standard).
  • Etc.
Samsung Camera NX30 having following features :
  • Professional grade photos.
  • The beauty of being connected.
  • Lights, camera, action.
  • Smart shortcuts.
  • Automatic back-up.
  • Etc.
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Download Samsung Camera NX30 user manual :
  • download Samsung Camera NX30 user manual English (download).
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