LG G Flex review (video).

LG has been selling their first Android smartphone curved sail, LG G Flex (LGD959) despite losing the start of Samsung's Galaxy Round, but LG's success predates her compatriot and began providing this unique mobile phone on the market. Even surprising, LG Indonesia also seems too interested in marketing it to the local market. 
LG G Flex (LGD959).
From our observation through the website of the Directorate General of Indonesian Postel, LG has filed a certificate to sell LG G Flex day after Android 4.3 smartphone released in Korea. Where G Flex registered with code LG D958, which is nothing but be a code name for a variant of the LG G Flex Hong Kong and Asian markets. It is still early submission, and do not expect this curved phone will be marketed in the near future in Indonesia. So far, only the French know who will receive the LG G Flex from December. 

For the international market, there are many variants of the G Flex. Starting LG-D955, LG-D958, and the LG-D959, which complements the numeric code that exist in South Korea, LG-F340K for operators KT, LG-F340L for LG U +, and LG-340S for SK Telecom. While other variants for other markets, including Indonesa recognizable through the numeric code below. 
LG G Flex (LGD959) has advantages in the areas of the screen that is curved. The screen used by this mobile phone is very much different from the other two, even more interesting than the hp class with her. 

The use of plastic-OLED display and a flexible Polymer Lithium bateray first in the world become the main secret behind this inovativ design. When diliat of its name, some people might think that understands the LG G Flex D958, can be bent even folded, but unfortunately the LG G Flex D958 can not be bent much less folded. But still more flexible than the entire existing smartphones. 

Price LG G Flex D958 time this article was written there in the range of ten million less than a thousand dollars. What's interesting about this phone is, the back side of the phone are protected self-healing coatings means coatings that can cure the back side when scratched and restore it to normal without a scratch. It is working on a smooth scratches, not when the phone "injured" by the metal. 

This phone will make you feel different from the rest of her, with only bringing this phone you will feel very confident and feel that you are a classy person. Rp 10 million feels it is a fairly cheap price for the upper class.

LG G Flex (LGD959) review pros and cons :
LG G Flex (LGD959) having following pros :
  • Good processor.
  • Big display.
  • Very good desain.
  • Good battery capacity (3400mAh).
LG G Flex (LGD959) having following cons :
  • Front camera just 2.1Mp.
  • Jelly bean is not last version.
  • expensive (for me).
LG G Flex (LGD959) review specs and features :
LG G Flex (LGD959) having following specs :
  • Processor : 2.26 GHz Quad-Core processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 Chipset.
  • Technology : GSM, CDMA, LTE.
  • Battery : 3400 mAh.
  • Camera : 13Mp and 2.1Mp.
  • OS : Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
LG G Flex (LGD959) having following features :
  • 6.0" Curved HD OLED diaplay.
  • Cortable form factor.
  • Curved battery.
  • Dual Window.
  • Powerful processor.
See LG G Flex (LGD959) specs more clearly (LG G Flex (LGD959)).
See LG G Flex (LGD959) features more clearly (LG G Flex (LGD959)).
Buy LG G Flex (LGD959) now (LG G Flex (LGD959)).

Learn more LG G Flex (LGD959) with download LG G Flex (LGD959) user manual in below and fun life with your LG G Flex (LGD959). Trus me! with read user manual, you can use LG G Flex (LGD959) better than now.
Download LG G Flex (LGD959) user manual :
  • download LG G Flex (LGD959) user manual English (download).
  • download LG G Flex (LGD959) user manual Spanish (download)
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