When Samsung first took the wraps off the new Galaxy Note 3 years ago samsung then use the same skin texture as the recently announced Galaxy S Black Edition 4, and now new news has shown that the South Korean company has other leather products the same.
Samsung Chromebook 2
Samsung Chromebook 2, debuting in late 2012. 2 new Chromebook looks like a mashup of Ativ Book 9 Plus and Note 3, thinness and borrows the basic design of the former and combine it with imitation leather texture found in the back of the latter.
Not much is known about the Samsung Chromebook 2 apart from what we can gather from the pictures on the internet. The original Samsung Chromebook features a 11.6-inch screen and Exynos processor, and while it is certainly possible that the Chromebook 2 will sport similar features, we have to wait until the official Sammy made it before we know for sure. Samsung has a new leather-clad Chromebook models, so that anyone in the market for a new laptop Chrome OS might want to wait until the official Chromebook 2 before pulling the trigger on a new device.

Samsung will extend past the faux - leather Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series, to the Chromebook 2. Chrome symbols tipster showed mixed with faux - leather design that we've seen on Samsung smartphones and tablets in the past. He followed up on Sunday with a photo that shows the full design Chromebook 2. However, important details like specifications, release date and price have not been distributed to the public.

Faux - leather design first introduced by Samsung on the Galaxy Note 3 in September 2013. Since, it's expanded to the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab tablet. The Galaxy S5 has more soft-touch materials, rather than full -on faux - leather.
Samsung has been one of the key companies behind the movement with its Chromebook Series 5 Chromebook.

Original slim Samsung Chromebook, a laptop that appeals to the eye. Roughly the same size as the MacBook Air, the Samsung Chromebook provide reasonable performance for a great price of $ 249.

The attraction of the Chromebook is a cheap price. Chromebook 2 continues to look attractive from the first, extending even further with imitation leather cover that is not unusual on a laptop. Samsung betting that cover unique, coupled with improvements in hardware components, will attract the attention of buyers as the original Chromebook capable of doing.

When it comes to Chromebooks, price is the most important criteria that drive sales. The Chromebook 2s look nicer, has a slightly faster processor, add more memory, and in the case of the 13-inch model of a higher resolution screen.

Typical Chromebook buyers looking for one for yourself or family members. They believe that the Chromebook is good enough for their family and also the price of $ 249 for the Samsung Chromebook definitely worth taking. Sales were good, as the attractive design and low price.

Chromebook sales have increased in large part due to the low price. Chromebooks Samsung has produced two good, with a decent design and hardware, and this is a form of concern for the buyers and connoisseurs of the high-tech gadgets.

Samsung Chromebook 2 having following specs and features :
Samsung Chromebook 2 having following specs :
  • 11.6" or 13.3" display.
  • 0.66 inches thin and 2.43lbs
  • 100 GB of Google Drive free for 2 years!
  • Up to 8.5 hours of use.
  • Boots up in less than 10 seconds.
Samsung Chromebook 2 having following features :
  • Exynos 5 Octa.
  • Significantly improved battery life.
  • Fanless design.
  • Businesses and .
See Samsung Chromebook 2 specs more clearly (Samsung Chromebook 2).
See Samsung Chromebook 2 features more clearly (Samsung Chromebook 2).
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