Immortalize the precious moments is one of the human habits. This habit grows and triggers the new trend. Selfie, this trend becomes more popular now. But in the precious moment, people need the powerful camera. The good camera can be seen from features. But talking about the performance, it is so depending on the CMOS sensor. The high sensor will affect to the quality. But people need more than it. They also want the better transferring feature. This desire triggers the presence of the Nikon Coolpix p340.
Nikon Coolpix P340
The unique thing about nikon coolpix p340 is about the transfer feature. To ease data transfer, this camera equipped with built in Wi-Fi. This feature allows people to transfer the pictures wirelessly. With this feature, people do not need data cable or card reader anymore. Ease to transfer is just the beginning. More than it, Nikon Coolpix p340 equipped with 12.2 MP CMOS image sensor too. But this is not a usual sensor. This is low light CMOS image sensor with 6400 ISO. With this technology, get the superior low light performance is a certainty.

In the specific situation, zoom feature is still needed. For this, nikon coolpix p340 is also equipped with 5X optical zoom. Maybe it looks not so special. But it stills good enough. The 12.2 MP CMOS image sensor allows the users to record 1080p HD video too. More than it, people can record any video in HD complete with the stereo sound.

In the nikon coolpix p340 user manual, there is a unique vision mode. People can decide to take a picture in the manual or automatic mode. With the manual exposure control, you can take any picture with any style just like your creativity. Intelligent autofocus, this feature makes capturing picture looks simpler. Focus will never be a big problem anymore. With this feature, people can capture any object in the right focus.

Nikon Coolpix p340 having following specs and features :
Nikon Coolpix p340 having following specs :
  • Battery : Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL 12.
  • Image Sensor : CMOS.
  • Lens : 5X optical Zoom, NIKKOR glass lens.
  • Autofocus (AF) : Contrast-detect AF.
  • Interface : Hi-speed USB.
Nikon Coolpix p340 having following features :
  • WI-fi.
  • Superior low-light performance.
  • Your smartphone's new best friend.
  • Take control of your vision.
  • Freeze action in its tracks.
See Nikon Coolpix p340 specs more clearly (Nikon Coolpix p340).
See Nikon Coolpix p340 features more clearly (Nikon Coolpix p340).
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Learn more Nikon Coolpix p340 with download Nikon Coolpix p340 user manual in below. SO, you can use Nikon Coolpix p340 better than now. Trust me !.

Download Nikon Coolpix p340 user manual :
  • download Nikon Coolpix p340 user manual English (download).
  • download Nikon Coolpix p340 user manual Spanish (download).
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