Performances throughout the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) in Barcelona in late February 2014, BlackBerry announced two new devices is the BlackBerry Jakarta aka BlackBerry Z3 which will be released in Indonesia and BlackBerry Q20 which is a BlackBerry mobile phone with a physical keyboard and integrated trackpad.

Unfortunately not much is known about the handset, especially with regard to the availability of products, hardware specifications, design, and price. The good news, BlackBerry CEO John Chen gives a little glimpse about the release time Q20 smartphone.
Blackberry Q20
Not only that, Chen was also a little reveal additional details that would still be the question many people. In an interview with Blooomberg, Chen revealed that the BlackBerry Q20 is likely to be launched in September or October 2014. Similarly, as quoted from Ubergizmo.

Chen continued the conversation by stating that he believes that the Q20 can attract the attention of the users of its newest platform BlackBerry 10 ( BB10 ). The move was allegedly in an effort to appeal to BlackBerry device users predecessor, the BlackBerry Q10 and Q5.

From the leaked pictures are outstanding, the design of the Q20 looks like the Q5 has a fine line. However, somewhat elongated shape, with the keyboard layout and screen versions that are quite similar to its predecessor. Q20 The difference is re-presenting function of the trackpad and menu and back buttons.

The return of the trackpad and some buttons ' classic ' BlackBerry-style, according to Chen is in accordance with the wishes of the fans of the BlackBerry. They are called still want the presence of the classic features that are considered as an important part of the time using a Blackberry device.

Today the full announcement for us here at the BlackBerry. I am pleased to introduce you to one of the devices we plan to deliver in 2014, the new BlackBerry smartphones Q20. It is a device that will feel familiar to loyal BlackBerry customers around the world and is designed to provide a full experience of the classic QWERTY.

Among the features I'm most happy about is the incorporation of ' Menu ', ' Back ', 'Send ' button and ' End ' and integrated trackpad. We have realized the feedback of millions of passionate customers QWERTY around the world, the decision to build and unveil the BlackBerry Q20. These features are designed to enable fast, efficient navigation and the use of one hand the favored brand for you, our customer.

Today, we are pleased to announce a new BlackBerry smartphone Q20, which is designed to provide a different experience that every QWERTY BlackBerry loyalists and high productivity business customers really love. With BlackBerry smartphones Q20, you will get familiar hard buttons and the trackpad as you want, along with the best email service, the best keyboard experience and the best battery life.

The ' Menu ', ' Back ', 'Send ' button and ' End ' and the trackpad will make an integral part of the device and the user interface, enabling fast, accurate navigation and natural workflow within and between applications.

Download Blackberry Q20 user manual coming soon.