After months of testing, Apple iOS 7.1 software is finally released to the public. It came right on schedule, according to BGR exclusively reported earlier, but the wait was still painful for iPhone users enthusiastically waiting to see what Apple has in store for the first major revision of iOS 7 after big overhaul last year. Overall, update brings tons of important improvements and bug fixes, and it also brought some new problems, the worst of which is the possibility of a shorter battery life. But what is the best new feature in iOS 7.1 ?

Apple iOS 7.1 review (video).

The best thing about Apple's iOS 7.1 software are : speed. It's a bit weird, actually. Compared with rival devices, navigating the interface on phones and tablets Apple always feels lightning fast. Then, suddenly, Apple released the next generation and older models instantly feel slow and dated. Each time, we wonder how much faster and smoother experience iOS can possibly get. Then, it will be faster and even smoother again.

This is a great speed improvement usually occurs with the launch of new hardware, but this time Apple put some serious work in optimization speed in iOS 7.1. The result is fantastic.

Using iOS 7.1 on iPhone 5s and iPad Air feels like a fresh new experience. Opening and closing applications faster, faster transition animations, and it seems as if the software now recognizes bahka apple is the best. Even before Apple's transition zooming animation is complete, make the OS feel more responsive than before.

For those who have not updated to the latest version of Apple's mobile software, it is true that there are some good reasons for the delay - that is to keep the jailbreak or wait for battery optimization. The pros will outweigh the cons for most users though, and the iOS 7.1 update is really fantastic for people with a need for speed.

Speed provided by this mobile phone will make you feel very satisfied when using it. Whatever you do access using this phone then you will feel very fast and great. Pengirman data or data transmission is done it will be easier and faster as well. With the speed that is with the phone then all of your activities will also be expedited. There will be no more obstacles and slow access using this phone. You will feel happy and the people who interact with you will also feel happy.

This software is designed to beat other phones. If another phone is still moving with slow and unpleasant, in contrast to apple that has developed sophisticated software that makes them truly recognized by the world as smart phones and super fast.

If you user apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7.1, you can learn your gadget with download user manual in below. So, you can use apple product better than now. Trus me!

Download apple iPhone user manual for iOS 7.1 :
  • download apple iPhone user manual for iOS 7.1 English (download).
Download apple iPad user manual for iOS 7.1 :
  • download apple iPad user manual for iOS 7.1 English (download).
Download apple iPod touch user manual for iOS 7.1 :
  • download apple iPod touch user manual for iOS 7.1 English (download).
Hopefully useful to user Apple iOS 7.1.
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