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HTC Desire 200 review (video) from PhoneArena.

HTC Desire 200 is new product from HTC powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, 1GHz on Android (with HTC Sense) with has RAM 512MB  DDR1 + 4GB Storage we think this is enough. HTC Desire 200 comes with our highest quality in-ear headset and Beats Audio for immersive music. An intuitive camera makes it easy to take and share photos, and the HTC Data manager lets you keep up with your data usage so you stay within your budget.
Beats Audio and HTC Headset
HTC Desire 200 designed specifically for HTC, with Beasts Audio music output to sound exactly as the artist intended. The HTC Desire 200 also features our highest-quality in-ear headphones to bring your music to life.
Intuitive Camera
HTC Desire 200 give you technology recognises when your friends smiling and automatically takes the picture, even before you press the button. Digital  filters add exciting effects to your pics, and one-push sharing allows you to post directly to your social network.
             HTC Data manager
with use HTC Data Manager, your HTC desire 200 Automatically monitor your data usage in real-tim to stay on top of you data plan. So you can adjust when and how you use your phone and pick the best data plan for you. we sure your HTC Desire 200 keeps you in control (With HTC Data manager).

HTC Desire 200 review specs, review and HTC Apps :
HTC Desire 200 having following specs :
  • OS : Android with HTC Sense.
  • CPU SPEED : Qualcomm Snapdragon S1, 1GHz
  • Memory : 4GB, RAM 512MB DDR1.
  • Battery : Removable & rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Camera : 5MP.
HTC Desire 200 having following features :
  • Beats Audio and HTC Headset.
  • Shoot and Share Camera.
  • HTC Data Manager.
  • Better Browsing.
HTC Desire 200 having following Apps :
  • Saytar.
  • Torre Pita.
  • Skull 3D Wallpaper.
  • A step to Aikido.
  • Secret App lock Pro.
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Learn more HTC Desire 200 with download HTC Desire 200 user manual in below ( we sure you can learn HTC Desire 200 more clearly), you also can download HTC Apps in below and have fun with it.

Download HTC Desire 200 user manual :
  • download HTC Desire 200 user manual Engliah (download)
HTC Desire 200 Apps free download :
  • HTC Apps Transfer Tool free download.
  • HTC Apps Backup for HTC One free download.
  • HTC Apps Skin GOWeatherEX free download.
  • HTC Apps HTC Live Wallpaper 3D free download.
  • HTC Apps Headphone fix free download.
  • HTC Apps 3D Home Forme for HTC Evo 3D Free download.
  • HTC Apps Unlock HTC Phone free download.
  • HTC Apps 3G Watchdog free download.
  • HTC Apps QuickPic free download.
  • HTC Apps HTC Newsroom free download.
  • To more Apps you can come here.
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