HTC Butterfly is newest product from HTC which has a lasting impression on the world's first full HD 1080p, 5 inch screen. HTC Butterfly supported with front camera and rear camera allow you to capture every moment in a flash. The front camera also comes with the widest angle f2.0 lens to capture more action. Plus, its driven by the Qualcomm SnapdragonQuad-Core S4 Pro, optimized for the fastest mobile experience.

You like a music. Enjoy deeper bass, sharpervocals and more detail high notes than every before in HTC Butterfly. With the help of our exclusive build-in amplifer for Beats Audio, you can listen to uncompromised, high-definition sound anywhere you go.

HTC Butterfly
HTC Butterfly have design is slimer, curvier, and more comfortable than any other phone of its kind. Instead of placing the battery on top of the working parts, we install ours directly into the case first, leaving room for design without compromise and comfort beyond compare.

Start today you'll never experience a dull moment in your life, because with HTC Butterfly captivating 5-inch, 1080p full HD display, you can view all your favorit shows, movies, photos, and more. Thanks to the eye-popping, 440 PPI display, you'll enjoy rich, print-quality images in all their breathtaking beauty. You can do it everything with HTC Butterfly

HTC Butterfly having following pros and cons :
HTC Butterfly having following pros :
  • Very fast processor (1500 MHz)
  • High resolution camera (8MP)
  • NFC
  • Dual mode : SDMA/GSM phone
  • High resolution display (1080 x 1920pixels)
  • Lots of RAM (2048 MB RAM)
HTC Butterfly having following cons :
  • Very big display (will not fit in my pocket)
HTC Butterfly having following specs and features :
HTC Butterfly having following specs :
  • Platform Android : Android with HTC Sense
  • Total Storage : 16GB
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Camera : 8MP
  • SIM Card Type : MicroSIM
HTC Butterfly having following features :
  • Quad Core power that's miles ahead
  • A front camera to rival most rear camera
  • The world's first Full HD 1080p screen
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See HTC Butterfly features more clearly (HTC Butterfly)
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Learn more HTC Butterfly with download HTC Butterfly user manual in below and fun life with your HTC Butterfly.

Download HTC Butterfly user manual :
  • download HTC Butterfly user manual English (download)
  • download HTC Butterfly quick start guide English (download)
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