Inside the iPad User Guide you can learn many thing, such as learning how to access YouTube and watch the Video from YouTube inside iPad (Chapter 8 pages 72 to 75), How to use Maps for Navigation purpose or locate me you can read the instruction manual from page 87 to 94, Learning the body overview and keys functions of iPad you can get the guidance usage at Capther 2: Getting Started (pictured).

  • iPad User Guide iOS 4.2 Software | Language: English | Pages: 181 | PDF Size: 23.6 MB
  • For Spanish Español:
    iPad Manual del usuario (Para el software iOS 4.2)
  • For French France (Français):
    iPad Guide de l’utilisateur (Pour le logiciel iOS 4.2)
  • For Italian Italiano:
    iPad Manuale utente (Per software iOS 4.2)
  • For Deutschland (Deutsch):
    iPad Benutzerhandbuch (Für iOS 4.2-Software)
  • For Portugal (Português europeu):
    iPod iPad touch – Manual de Utilizador (Para o software iOS 4.2)
  • For Chinese:
    iPad 使用手册 (适用于 iOS 4.2 软件)
  • For Japanese:
    iPad ユーザガイド (iOS 4.2ソフトウェア向け)
  • For Korean:
    iPad 사용 설명서 (iOS 4.2 소프트웨어용)