The release of Samsung Galaxy S8 is still a rumor. There is no official announcement yet about this device. However, there is a rumor that it will be launch early next year. The Galaxy S7 is perfection. It is stylish and powerful. But, it seems that people want something more and they want to get it from the Galaxy S8. If you want to get more than a glimpse of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, keep reading this article.

Rumors on Samsung Galaxy S8

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Prediction of iPad Mini 5 Specification
Many people are expecting iPad Mini 5. It is predicted that this Tablet will be released next September. Some information about the specs of this device has been announced. If you are looking forward to hold the iPad Mini 5, here are some of the specs and features you will find in this Tablet.

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BlackBerry DTEK50
BlackBerry DTEK50 is the latest Smartphone installment from BlackBerry. It was launched on July 2016. This touchscreen mobile phone offers you with some great features. Years ago, BlackBerry was operated with BB OS. But, since the popularity of Android and iOS, this Smartphone choose to follow the trend. BlackBerry DTEK50 is operated by Android 6.0 OS. If you want to find out more about this Smartphone, go on and read this BlackBerry DTEK50 review.

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