There are many types of smartphone that we can use. Every smartphone has their great specification and will give the best benefit for the user because they all are using the sophisticated technology. As the newest version of smartphone is One Plus 5.

We have already known some famous smartphone like Samsung, ASUS, OPPO, and others. But actually there are some unfamiliar smartphone that is very sophisticated. The one of it is One Plus smartphone.

Although only some people know about this One Plus, but the range of the quality is still in line with some familiar smartphone brands. Even, it is being the more expensive price than the marketed smartphone.

Who don’t know about Samsung brand? It is the biggest brand of the electronic brand from the Sakura country, Japan. It is being the oldest brand of electronic that have already existed in the world since it was released. And they are many new technology of this Japan brand, like this Samsung Galaxy S8.

There are many electronic of our home that has the Samsung brand. It is from the television, radio, refrigerator, hand phone, and many more. And Samsung had also being the first of the first factory that release the smartphone type.

The User Manual of the Samsung have already proved the quality of the Samsung. We can say that Samsung is being the founder of the next brand of Smartphone after the release of the expensive smartphone of Apple band.

The function of drone is various. The one of the best function is as the carrying. It is used by some military. The drone is simple tools. It is like aircraft. The one of the newest version of drone is SARAH2O.

Based on the development era, there are many kinds of drone with its various specification. at the first, drone only designed for flying, and now, drone is completed by some sophisticated component, so that can be used for the rescue function.


Every smartphone has their excess. They have the best quality for attracting the people so that the customers will be increased. Those smartphone are being the best brand for people I the world, because of their regular new product and also for the quality. Now, there is also the newest smartphone that is very sophisticated. It is Alcaltel A5.

Maybe some of us are still strange about the smartphone brand. We only know about Samsung, OPPO, ASUS, Xiaomi, and others. But actually there is also the smartphone brand, called Alcatel.

Alcaltel A5

Now there are many existed factory of the electronics is in the competition for producing the beast smartphone. It is because they want to take the big chance of the big demand of people about the smartphone. So do for the release of the Sony Xperia L1 as the newest product of Sony factory.

As we know that, beside Nokia, there is also Sony that has the best existence in the model of the people life. It can be proved from the availability of many hand phone product that is followed by the people since it was released. There is hadphone with the Sony Ericson type.

Sony Xperia L1